Friday, November 29, 2019

Li'l Pears of Sunshine: You're Doing GREAT

This is for YOU, because you need to hear this today...and every day.

We have no problem encouraging others and letting them know how great they are doing, but don’t forget to let YOURSELF know, too.

Whether you are having a good day or a bad day, hit the crest of sunshine or are trying to crawl out of a dark place right now—YOU are doing great, because you are CHOOSING to continue to move forward or are giving yourself the rest you need or taking the time to get yourself put back together—wherever you are right at this moment, you are doing what you need to in order to keep going. That’s not always easy and you are doing it! 🤗❤️.

So hey, Sunshine, YOU are doing great. KEEP GOING!

Feel free to share here today or with someone else something positive to show yourself you are doing great!

🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞

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Friday, November 22, 2019

Li'l Pears of Sunshine: Paint Your Sunshine

There are colours in you that NO ONE ELSE in this whole wide world has or even knows exist…not until you show them.

YOU are unique and special in ways that others NEED you to share…physically, mentally, emotionally—your smile, your light, your talent, your kindness, your compassion, and even the wild or quiet parts of you. You never know who needs your particular shade of sunshine, so please, don’t hide it.

Time to Paint your Sunshine all over this World!

If you can, try to take a moment today to scroll through and explore a few blogs or posts of someone you’ve never visited before and share a pear-size piece of your sunshine with someone new!

🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞

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Friday, November 15, 2019

Li'l Pears of Sunshine: Ringmaster

Yep, it is a reality that everyone needs to face--the crazy, wild, unpredictable parts of your life are all yours. Ups, downs, family, children (oh man, talk about monkeys!), relationships, work, trials and triumphs are all part of the circus of life. Sometimes there is only one ring lit up in the spotlight, and other times it could be three or four or five rings all going at the same time—clowns, elephants, lions, fire-rings, and balancing acts all vying for your attention.

But remember, this is YOUR circus, so if something needs to change, YOU have the ability to do so. It isn't always going to be easy, and often you will have to work those ropes and pulleys and curtains a little longer, help the clown find something to smile about, or take time out to take care of the sick little monkeys. Maybe you'll find you need something to add to your circus or maybe it is time to seriously consider changing up the cast or the acts.

Finding what works right for YOU is important. And even though it is your circus, it is OKAY if you need to ask for help to figure it all out.

So hey, Sunshine, this may be your circus, but remember, YOU are the Ringmaster--enjoy it and create the show of your life!

Who or what is in the main ring(s) of your circus today? 🎪😄.

🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Quick Tip Tuesday: Your or You're

Two more terms that get mixed up quite a bit in manuscripts so offering a little clarification:

Your is a possessive term:

He is your boyfriend.

Your car is wicked cool.

You're is a contraction of you are:

You are going to the library.  /   You're going to the library

Let me know when you are at the party.  Let me know when you're at the party.