Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Movin' on Over

Happy Canada Day everyone...I have a lot to celebrate today with a ton of background work finally done and ready to share.

The first is that I've revamped my whole website and it now has a blog included!  So....I would be so happy if you could pop on over where I continue this post there and click on ....

Monday, April 13, 2020

Hang in There

I hope everyone is doing well, staying safe, staying home and healthy these days.

I am working the day job from home, and still working evenings freelance editing etc.--really odd and a little overwhelming some days having both work jobs all in the same place now.

It took me a few weeks to finally come to the acceptance that nothing was going back to the way it was anytime soon, and probably not that same way again, and figuring out new routines all around was the only way to keep sane. Finding what works and what doesn't and making changes in small, manageable ways week to week.

The first week was figuring out how to get a handle on the Quarantine 15 I'd already gained LOL, so I started a bit of a fitness routine first thing in the morning, which being home made it easy to do--always have to look at the positives, right?

That is basically the secret, always finding the positives.  For me, the biggest is extra time with the kids that we lose when they are in school all day and you are at the day job, then they go play with their friends or start dating etc. and you see them less and less.  But right now, I feel like I am being given a huge gift with this extra quality time with them.  And we've adapted our own routines both together and separate that gives us all space but mostly some wonderful family time together.

My husband and one child are both in service industries and working out there (that's what I've come to call it as it all seems very apocalyptic some days) so always praying for their health and safety πŸ’•as well as our communities front line workers in so many areas πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž.

If you are one of the frontline workers whether healthcare, grocery clerks/stockers, police, community service, helping neighbours out, or simply staying at home as much as absolute possible, I thank you.  THANK YOU.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Li'l Pears of Sunshine: Royalty

Sometimes your tiara might get tilted or tarnished, but that DOESN'T mean you are any less WORTHY AND IMPORTANT to wear it. YOU were born with a majestic soul, with grace and strength. It is all right there--you just have to believe in YOU to reign to your potential!

So straighten your shoulders, fix your tiara, and hold your head high, Sunshine. Royalty comes from within.

🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞

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Friday, March 06, 2020

Li'l Pears of Sunshine: Take the Stage

Let's face it, it is a lot easier to watch, to wish, to dream, and stay behind the curtains out of sight. But YOU have so much to give, to show, to share--unique perspectives all yours that make you shine, and in turn, inspire others.

Sometimes behind the curtain is where you need to be at the moment, but make sure you challenge yourself to take the stage, too. It's okay to be nervous and unsure, but you were Born to be a unique star, to dance your dance, share your creativity, your movement, art, baking, sewing, compassion, your point of view, your UNIQUE YOU.

So, take the stage, Sunshine. YOU were born to dance!

🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞

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Friday, February 28, 2020

Li'l Pears of Sunshine: Somebody's Rainbow

Somebody waits eagerly for your smile, for your daily/weekly chats, for you to simply say hi or pick up something they didn’t know they dropped. Whether you know it or not, each and every single day YOU are somebody’s Rainbow 🌈. The bright moment of colour in their day...a hug, a smile, a helping hand, an unexpected kindness, or even simply being near.

But also in other ways—because you sought them for help or advice that you needed but, in turn, made them feel special or confident by giving them the opportunity to support you like they’ve been wanting to do.

Rainbows are rare and special, just like YOU. And there is someone right now just waiting for your bright colours to shift their day into the positive❤️🌈🌞, because remember, Sunshine, YOU ARE ALWAYS somebody’s rainbow.

🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞

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Friday, February 21, 2020

Li'l Pears of Sunshine: Seas the Day

I know I am guilty of this—when things are going well, having those thoughts of “when is the next wave going to crash in on me?” 🌊 ...that if it is good now, there must be a catastrophe coming around the corner. Slowly I am coming to realize that some times are just GOOD times with no shadows, and it's okay to be in the now and enjoy them🌞.

The fact is, good things and bad things and mellow things and nothing and everything happen all the time, continuously. Sometimes in waves, sometimes all at once, and occasionally in slow tides. The best part about understanding/accepting this is when the bad times come, you then KNOW they won’t last and relief WILL come…easier, less stressful times will roll in like an ocean wave to cool you off. And the really neat part is that when you start BELIEVING, looking for the positive light especially in those darker depths, be it by prayer or meditation, a walk in the sunshine or self-care with a bath and a good book, then the hard times don’t seem to last as long as they used to, and the better times surf in sooner.

Choosing to be positive doesn’t make the struggles go away, but it does help to deal with them in a brighter light, catching the wave of belief that will help you through it.

So hey, Sunshine, seize--seas--the day for what it is and make the absolute most of it! And be a mermaid in a sea of minnows today by sparkling a little sunshine on someone else’s rough waves 🧜🏻‍♀️ 🌞 ❤️.

🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞

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Friday, February 14, 2020

Li'l Pears of Sunshine: Tough

You really are! Think about every struggle you’ve had, moments, days, situations you thought were horrible or hard or you weren’t sure if you could get through—BUT YOU DID!

You have survived every day so far—celebrate that—even though things were hard, look at the fact you not only got through it, but you learned something new about yourself—how tough you can be when you have to be. That is HUGE. You should be so proud of yourself, of your accomplishments.

Look at how far you’ve come, not at the small moments that tried to push you back. Remind yourself YOU are AMAZING and STRONG and CAPABLEπŸ₯³.

So hey, Sunshine, life is tough…but so are YOU.

🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞

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Monday, February 03, 2020

New Logo

So, what do you think of the new logo?

I wanted a specific branding logo for the plans that I am starting to put into play.  I feel this says a lot about me, not just what I do, but how I see the world, too. Bright, happy, flowing, full of colourful possibilities 😊.

I LOVE typewriters so that was something I've wanted to include for ages as a writer, and those who follow me on Instagram will know I love colour and especially rainbows, so I was happy with how the wash of colour turned out connecting my creative adventures.

A few things coming up will be a newsletter and online shop or two...stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Li'l Pears of Sunshine: Keep Moving Forward

It’s okay to feel a little lost, to not have all the answers, to feel stuck. It’s okay to realize you veered off course. It’s okay to see a dream way in the distance but have no idea how to get there. It’s okay not to even know what it is you want. The trick is to simply keep moving forward, one wheel turn at a time, one footstep at a time.

Sometimes it isn’t about knowing where you are going as much as it is about ensuring you keep your eyes open to possibilities, the little pebbles on the path that will lead you to your next pit stop—your next learning point.

And somewhere between these learning points, often without even realizing it, you will find yourself on the right road for you.

So, it’s okay if you don’t know where you’re going, Sunshine. Just keep moving forward...and you WILL get to where you belong πŸ˜‰πŸŒž .

I am putting one foot in front of the other these days, putting myself out there with some new projects combining my art and inspiring writers.  I've made a short plan that I hope to reveal in the next few months and a long plan that will build on it and other I hope you will travel with me on some new adventures!  Not sure exactly where they will lead but I am moving FORWARD πŸ˜„.

Keep a look out for a number of changes on my sites and let me know what you think!

🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞

For the full L'il Pears of Sunshine series, check out my Instagram page @lilpearsofsunshine