Sunday, January 21, 2018

A bit about me...

It has taken a long time but I think I have finally figured out my "brand."  The issue being that I always thought I should be keeping all my pots on separate fires...but nothing was getting cooked completely😄.  

Then it occurred to me recently that they were all my pots, all things I created...Romance by me...Editing by me...Art by me...

So, over the course of the next little while, I will be revamping my websites into one and using this as my main blog that will incorporate editing tips, writing, art, and whatever else I happen to be cooking at the time....all by Stacy Dawn.

The most exciting of all this for me is that I have been doing a lot more artwork and doodling that started just as me-time--self-care happy time--but I came to realize that it is as much a part of me as my writing and editing, and I have just as big a voice and personality through my art (which led to some phenomenal ideas which I hope to explore combining various aspects of everything--starting with this combined blog.)

And what better way to begin than giving you a bit more about way...😊💗