Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Let's do this!

Sometimes you just have to pull up your big girl panties and get yourself organized, right?

Well, that's been the last week and this weekend.  Instead of just leaving everything up in the air or in my head, I've been forcing myself to make the decisions and get things done. 

First up was the fitness.  I started working out this week for, embarrassingly, the first time in forever.  But I started, and that's what I'm focusing on.

Second was getting myself better organized so I can more specifically work on "zero days."  I had read someone's post on Instagram and something similar on the internet, but I hate to say, I didn't save either so can't give exact credit where it is due, but basically, it is making time each day to work on your dreams/goals.  Even if that time is only five minutes, simply do something EVERY SINGLE DAY so you have no more days without doing something to move forward toward your goal--no more zero days. I actually started last week and can happily say I am on 7 days straight so far 😊.

This weekend was getting to all the little stuff that had piled up, like organizing my ton of "idea" computer files into a new main folder and then sub-folders so I can better start putting that information together for books and/or artwork, going through the stack of stickies and papers on my desk and actually doing what needed to be done on each and filing them away whether in the trash as finished or in the filing cabinet, getting my art desk and office desk organized and ready for the new week, etc. etc. You know, the little things that you keep putting off for no reason except you just don't want to deal with it...until you turn around and there are monster-sized piles of crap everywhere 😖😄.

On my reorganization, I came across this little letter fun I had done a couple years back.  I think I may have even shared it on my old blog, but it still holds true...

As much as we'd love to work on our goals and dreams full time, there is always the reality of life--kids, family, mortgages, bills, etc.--but it is important to understand those day jobs are not weighing us down, but rather building us up. That day job gives us peace of mind that our family and home are taken care of and therefore the freedom to work on our Passion Project without the pressure of immediate financial needs (which could prevent you from getting anything out, or force you to put out a product too soon, before it or you are ready or before you have a base of interested parties to build upon--not that you want to wait forever, but you want to make sure you are happy and pumped for your product rather than "just getting something out there").  

As for the Fitness part of the picture--that is just as important...remember to take care of yourself first and foremost, because nothing good will get done if you are rundown, stressed out, or mentally in a bad or doubtful place about yourself or your dreams.  Keeping active and eating right builds your body and mind...and when you feel good, it is far easier to stay positive and motivated, right? 

So, like I said, I am pulling up my big girl panties and doing what needs to be done so I'm not seventy-five and looking back at all those cool ideas in my head that never had a chance to shine.

Is there anything you do to help you get motivated and get things done?  And what is your favorite fitness to do--because I'm better if I keep things mixed up so any suggestions will be helpful. 😉

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  1. Not sure if you have access to a treadmill or a gym but there are a couple of great apps I use that help me mix it up. Sweat is one app and Studio is another. Sweat has everything from weight lifting to yoga. Even maternity workouts and the best part is the exercises are in list order with pictures/videos on how to do everything. So super cool. And Studio is for running or walking on a treadmill. A trainer tells you in your ear with music what speeds and inclines to ramp your treadmill to. Helps keep things mixed up!