Sunday, April 08, 2018

Challenging Fun

I have been participating in some doodle challenges on Instagram over the last few months...and this month I am co-hosting one! 

April Hybrid OffSpring Challenge wherein we give an animal couple and you get to create their little bundle of joy.

It is so much fun and the participants are soooo creative!    You can find them on Instagram at #aprilhybridoffspring .

Here's a sample of some of my baby hybrid bundles for this challenge.  I chose to make a Momma-type scrapbook look:

The last two are sneak peeks because I haven't even posted them on Instagram yet😉

Remember at the beginning of this new blog I mentioned combining all my creative outlets? Well, keep an eye out for my new blog segment coming up: Friday Special Editions.  This is where I will have a special series of posts every Friday over the course of a few weeks at a time.  First up will be another Instagram challenge I am currently doing to which I have added my own twist to involve both illustrations and a storyline.  It has been well received so far, and I want to post them here for you all to have a chance to follow and enjoy, too 😁. 

And don't miss this week's Writing Wednesday post where I will be talking about Proofing.

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