Friday, October 11, 2019

Li'l Pears of Sunshine: Bravery

Why does not finishing something or changing the plan halfway through have to mean we failed at something?

NOTHING is failure, because everything teaches us something…whether what we can handle, what we need more work on, what we like or what we don’t like—what we will accept and what we shouldn’t accept from others. And all those lessons are the footwear for our next step. And that is all starting over is, another step.

Keeping one foot in front of the other isn’t easy—you fall down, pull yourself up again just to trip up and tumble again, but if you keep putting one foot in front of the other, always moving, then you are NOT failing; You are Brave, courageous and life-affirming. (I like the term I heard recently, “falling forward”) No, it isn’t easy sometimes, more of a struggle than you even tell others, right? But that’s okay, because starting over means you have AMAZING COURAGE not to stop, not to give up, but to keep moving forward, one foot in front of the other, one step at a time. 100 times, a 1000 times, it doesn’t matter. Just keep starting over if you have to, every minute, every day, every job, every relationship. Every step forward is taking you closer to where you are meant to be, to whom you are meant to be with, to the incredible person you are meant to be and want to be.

So hey, Sunshine, starting over is NOT failure—it is Bravery. YOU ARE BRAVE. Just keep telling yourself this.

Do you know someone else who could use a little help with starting over, with that next step? Feel free to tag them in the comments, and maybe tag a few on their social media posts today with a heart and a strong arm ❤️💪🏻 to let them know you see their bravery, too.

🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞

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  1. Too true! I always look at it as a way to improve (0; If all of our great inventors quit every time one of their concepts failed, we'd never have had any progress.

    Thanks for the inspiration.