Friday, October 04, 2019

Li'l Pears of Sunshine - Wine anyone?

Do you find you save things, waiting only for the perfect time to use them? Saving a particular bottle of wine for a special occasion or saving that beautiful paint palette until you have just the right inspiration for the perfect painting so as not to use it all up? I am guilty of this—especially holding back from using new and colourful art supplies until I have the perfect idea, perfect project, because I don’t want to waste them, use them all up in case I need them for something better in the future.

But…isn’t that what special things are meant for? To use…to enjoy? To make us happy? And how many times has it happened before that the bottle of wine goes vinegary before that special promotion or birthday comes around, or the pretty paint or colourful glitter pens you couldn’t wait to get dries up before you even took the chance to use them?

WHY do we have to wait for a “special occasion” or the perfect moment...isn’t every moment we are breathing, spending time with family and friends, a little time enjoying our own company, tapping into our creative vibe, or just relaxing after a long day at work a reason to celebrate? A time to enjoy life to the fullest? EVERY MOMENT is special…because YOU make it special. So hey, Sunshine, remember--sometimes you CAN have your wine AND drink it, too—and those ARE the best days.


  1. Love this, Stacy. I stopped the "saving" mind set some years ago. I enjoy my things and my time so much more.

  2. Of course, this is why my home is so junky...I am very guilty of saving things for that special day, but I am getting better at going ahead and enjoying special things immediately--unfortunately, that is my See's chocolate candies more often than not, lol.